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Signature Flies

Neon Nightmare - Pink | Matt McCannel Signature Flies

Neon Nightmare - Pink

I developed this Midge Larva pattern to stand out in the crowded midge hatches that we see on our tailwaters through out the winter and spring. No, this pattern does not have any colors that are found in midge larva, but fish can’t resist the color combos that are incorporated into this pattern. This is one of my go-to midge patterns during a heavy midge hatch. I typically run this pattern as my point fly on a two fly rig with a more natural colored fly as my trailing fly.

Hell Razor - Orange | Matt McCannel's Signature Flies

Hell Razor Craw

This pattern is the brother of the Hell Razor Leech. I had a need for a small life-like crawdad pattern for fishing on the Gunnison River. I do nymph with this pattern a lot, but it really shines throughout the summer as a dropper under a big hopper or Chubby. I will then make a horrible mend to move the fly in an erratic motion. Fish can’t resist the movement of a fleeting crawdad.

Hell Razor - Natural Gray | Matt McCannel's Signature Flies

Hell Razor Leech

This pattern was developed on the tail waters of the Uncompahgre River for feeding big fish. I needed a pattern that would not get hung up on the bottom before it reached its intended target. This pattern rides hook point up in the water column and has a slim natural look to it with out a lot of bulk. The Hell Razor Leech has put more giant fish in the net for me and my clients than any other fly in my box.