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  • Jim Schmiedeskamp
    Wed Oct 28 2020
    I fished with Matt on one of three days (September 3-5, 2020) on the Gunnison float with Rigs and he was the best guide. As someone who doesn't do a lot of nymphing, Matt provided "persistent" direction which produced a great day of fishing including two 20" browns and one 20" rainbow. I enjoyed his "high energy" personality!
  • Tanner Sowa
    Tue Dec 3 2019
    You want to catch fish hire Matt!!!!!!!!!!!EATS, SLEEPS, BREATHS FISHING!! Matt's ability to understand the fish is impressive and he has honed his craft to near perfection; and to watch him in action is almost as fun as fishing. he has also the ability to ensure that client gets the most for their money. The first time I tried to hire Matt on his home waters his response was "conditions aren't right for what you're wanting, lets follow up in a few weeks when weather and flows align" he gave me a few fly selections since I was there and a few spots to try. that day I caught very very nice sized trout and a few months later after the stars aligned he put me on a Monster Rainbow. have hired since and will hire again!!
  • tim perez
    Thu May 2 2019
    sight fishing with Matt was an extraordinary experience. I appreciate his dedication to spotting BIG fish and then coaching me through the whole process of casting, playing, and landing them. that dedication paid off big time since it resulted in a 15 lb rainbow (NO bull!) it was a truly a fish of a lifetime . my only complaint is now I am ruined for anything less! 😉 still, I will be back...
  • Rich Richey
    Mon Oct 1 2018
    Fished with Matt multiple times. Simply the best guide I’ve ever encountered in my 40 years of fly fishing.
  • Fay Rogers
    Wed Sep 19 2018
    Great Guide: professional , very attentive to detail & very pleasant . Fished Paco with him; it was an enjoyable day. Absolutely would fish with him any time.
  • Casey Rosen
    Tue Sep 18 2018
    I fish with Matt on a regular basis and we always have a great time together. Matt has true passion for angling which in my significant experience is what sets great guides apart from the rest. He is totally enthusiastic and is a true student of the art, regularly building on his great body of experience with new techniques and approaches. Matt has become a friend and I look forward to many more days on the water with him. BYOM
  • Ian Edmonstone
    Sat Sep 15 2018
    Had the pleasure of fishing with Matt on Gunnion Gorge float and also at Paco - both of which were some of the best fishing we have ever had. As well as being a load of fun, he taught us sooo much. Can’t recommend him highl enough.
  • Paul Comer
    Sat Sep 15 2018
    I’ve been fishing with Matt for a couple of years and I grow more impressed every trip. The guy is absolutely unbelievable whether your in the gorge or sight fishing monster trout I’m already counting the days to the next trip!
  • Arno Grether
    Sat Sep 15 2018
    Matt is the best - fished with him over the past five years and have the scars to prove it , All kidding aside Matt is the consummate guide And is exited to be on the water as the clients he’s guiding
  • Jordan Streun
    Sun Aug 19 2018
    Matt was great, got me on a ton of fish and the biggest brown I have ever seen. Great Guide and will be returning for more trips for sure.