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Matt McCannel Fly Fishing Guide Pro Sponsors

As head guide at RIGS Fly Shop in Western Colorado, Matt McCannel has had the opportunity to work closely with Umpqua Feather Merchants to produce and sell his own signature fly designs. He's also a member of the pro team for Sage, Simms, Scientific Anglers, Fishpond and Costa.










Scientific Anglers

Matt McCannel's Fly Designs | Umpqua Feather Merchants Royalty Tier

Matt's most popular fly design, the Neon Nightmare, is a midge larva pattern that doesn't rely on imitating an actual midge's coloring. Instead, neon coloring draws the fish's attention for more strikes, more catches and a better day on the water. He also designed the Hell Razor Craw and Hell Razor Leech to specifically target the very largest trout.

Less than a third of all fly designs submitted to Umpqua are accepted for mass production. As a royalty tier for Umpqua Feather Merchants, Matt McCannel has proven himself an expert in fly design. He'll put that expertise to work for you on the water during your guided tour — selecting the ideal fly for the day's conditions and the fish you're after.

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Matt McCannel Pro Teams

Matt is proud to be an ambassador for the Simms brand of outdoor apparel and equipment, as well as Sage rods and reels. On his personal rig, Matt uses a 790-4 X Rod with a 4660 Reel from Sage.

He's also sponsored by Fishpond, a local fly fishing company that produces bags, nets, apparel and other supplies with an emphasis on local conservation.

Additionally, Matt McCannel is an ambassador for Costa sunglasses and fishing line manufacturer Scientific Anglers.

When you visit RIGS fly shop, whether for a guided fishing tour or just to pick up supplies for your next excursion, Matt and the team at RIGS have the insight into the best equipment for you. They've tried everything, so they know what works — and what doesn't. We'll help you find the perfect rig for your goals and budget, so you can have maximum success on the water.