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Sight Fishing Trip

Guided Sight Fly Fishing Trip with Matt McCannel

A day on the water with Matt on his home waters of the Uncompaghre River Tailwater section also known as Paco, will take your technical nymphing game to the next level. Our focus on this trip is to get you in front of great fish and teach you how to make a plan to catch them, from your approach to sliding that fish of a lifetime in the net.

What you can expect- This is a trip that is more like hunting than fishing. Our focus is to find a good fish usually measured in pounds not inches. From there we will typically watch the fish and get a good understanding of what exactly it is doing. From there we will make a plan to get you into the perfect casting position for the shot. You will talk in detail about where your fly needs to be for your best chance to get that fish to eat. Matt will talk with you about how to set the hook and what that fish will do after you set the hook. Yes, the focus is on big fish but if we see a fish that you want to target not a problem, it is your day.

Best time of year to book a trip - Matt has had clients land ten plus pound fish every month of the year. These fish are resident fish that do not migrate in and out. They are in this stretch of water year-round. If you have question on when the best times of year to book a trip or any other questions regarding this trip, send Matt a message by clicking on the contact tab.

What you need:

  • Polarized Sun Glasses
  • Waders/Boots (if you are traveling and don't want to bring yours we can get you set up with rentals at RIGS Fly Shop the morning of the trip)
  • Rods/Reels - We are typically using 6 weight rods but I will have 7-8 weight rods rigged and ready to go for the super giants 15 plus lbs. I will always have a full quiver of the latest Sage rods and reels for you to use on the trip. So don’t feel obligated to bring your own, but not a problem if you do.
  • Rain Jacket
  • Valid Colorado fishing license
  • Camera
  • Cap - for sun
  • Sun Screen