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Gunnison Gorge Wade Trip

Walk Wade Fly Fishing Trip at the Gunnison Gorge with Matt McCannel

The section of water that I conduct this trip on is from Pleasure Park up river three miles. This section of water is filled with long riffles and can easily and thoroughly be fished from the bank. In my opinion this stretch of the Gunnison River allows you to better target and work specific fish and gives you the time to work them.

What you can expect - During the summer months, you can expect to be throwing dry flies for many of the rivers prolific hatches which include Terrestrials, Caddis, Stone Flies, PMDs and Tricos. But this section of the Gunnison River really shines in the late fall through Spring, were abundant hatches of BWOs and midges dominate the river. With air temps throughout this time of year typically in the mid-thirties to the mid-fifties it makes for a very comfortable day on the water. You can expect the be nymphing most of the day with excellent opportunities for great fish in this world-renowned western river, with a good opportunity for rigging up the dry fly rod even in the middle of winter. Fishing this section of the Gunnison River with Matt will help you better understand and read the water of a larger western river.

Best times of year to book a trip - I prefer to fish this section of river from October through May. During these months, the water and air temps are ideal for a great day on the water.

What you need -

  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Waders and boots (If you are traveling and don’t want to bring your own we can get you set up with Rentals from RIGS Fly Shop the morning of your trip)
  • Small Backpack
  • Rain Jacket
  • Extra lairs for Fall through Spring trips.
  • Rod/ Reel -5 weight rods are ideal but 4 or 6 weights will work depending of the time of year and bug hatches.
  • Hat
  • Sun Screen
  • Valid Colorado fishing license